Senior researchers







M.Sc. (Tech.)
Jukka Puhto

Ph.D., M.Sc.(Social)
Suvi Nenonen

Lic.Tech., M.Sc. (Econ)
Juha-Matti Junnonen


Jouko Kankainen


The groups research activities are strongly interdisciplinary and therefore the group is comprised of researchers with technical, economical, administrative and juridical educational background.

In addition to the full-time researchers presented here there are several PhD students in Finnish companies who are participating in our research group's activities.

M.Sc. (Tech.)
Markku Heimbürger

M.Sc. (Social)
Johanna Alho
(on maternity leave)

M.Sc. (Admin)
Sami Kärnä

Ari-Pekka Manninen

Master of Law
Antti Tieva

M.Sc. (Social & Econ.)
Heidi Rasila
(on maternity leave)

Nils Gersberg

M.Sc. (Social)
Kaisa Pöyhönen

M.Sc. (Tech.)
Jessica Karhu

Saara Suurla









Industry researchers