Name Seppo Junnila
Senior Scientist / Adjunct Professor
Fields of expertise
Life-cycle technologies and management
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Dr Seppo Junnila is Senior Scientist at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. He holds an Adjunct Professor position in Real Estate Life Cycle Management and Doctor of Science, Licentiate of Science and Master of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. In addition, he has a 1-year diploma in Environmental Management from the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. Dr. Junnila has also worked several times as a visiting scholar in the University of California at Berkeley.

Before joining the academy, Dr. Junnila worked in several positions in consulting industry as Head of Business Development and Department Manager.

Dr Junnila's research focuses on life-cycle technologies and management in construction and services industries. He has initialized and managed three major research projects with more than twenty industrial partners. Currently he is an instructor of three Ph.D. students.

He is a recipient of the Young Scientist Center of Excellence award from HUT. He has also recieved the Best Dissertation of the Year grant from the Association of Finnish Civil Engineers and the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Fellowship, the Association of Finnish Civil Engineers Fellowship, the Research Foundation of Helsinki University of Technology Fellowship, and the Real Estate Education and Training Institute Fellowship.


Areas of Interest

Major Research Projects


Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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Only abstract reviewed

Junnila, S., Turkulainen, T. & Oesch, H. (2006) Transforming sustainability costs to sustainability business in property management. The European Facility Management Conference 2006 Proceedings. Frankfurt , March 7-9.

Vahala, K. & Junnila, S. (2002) Environmental service product package for real estate sector. Sustainable Building 2002. International conference 23.-25. September. Oslo . Norway . CD-ROM.

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